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Who are you? ......if you're over 50 - or heading that way - you're in the right place, join the Perennials
  • Most individuals who have lived through 5 decades will have inevitably experienced the triumphs and disasters that gain them status as natural followers of the Invictus way ...and therefore qualify as one who has earned our respect as part of a demographic that has contributed much to society and continues to do so
  • This site is here to support you and promote your Quality of Life aspirations as you negotiate the next 5 decades ...by offering a diet, exercise and lifestyle regime that will start you off and guide you on your way towards senior citizenship and meeting the inevitable challenges that lie ahead
  • Invictus *unconquerable, invincible* ... the 16 line poem written by 26 year old William Earnest Henley in 1875 as he lay in his hospital bed, gives his concise description of dealing with life and the periods of extended adversity that go with it - sentiments that underpin the Health & Fitness mindset we seek to put in place with the Invictus way

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    *NB: If you are offended by the presentation of dietary facts and lifestyle choices - and some strong language - PLEASE AVOID*

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